What Is Domain Name Forwarding?

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For businesses not quite ready for a website, they may be wondering if there’s any way to market their existing online presence with their custom domain name. Luckily, domain forwarding can allow businesses a quick and easy way to make the most of their domain name - whether you’re on social media, in an online directory, or even in an online marketplace.

Online Presence

An online presence is where your business can be found on the internet, and can include a website, social media page, and/or online marketplace. Pairing any part of your online presence with a domain name can open up possibilities by helping customers easily find your “home base” when doing business online.

In this article, we outline two major topics about domain forwarding – what is domain forwarding, and how to forward a domain name.

What Does “Forwarding” a Domain Name Mean? What Are the Different Ways To Forward a Domain Name? How Do I Forward a Domain Name?

Your business might already be online with a social media page or with a shop on a marketplace, but have you considered if you stand out from the competition? What if you decide to move to another social media platform or marketplace? A quick and easy way to attract attention to your primary online presence – no website creation required – is by forwarding a .net domain name.

What Does “Forwarding” a Domain Name Mean?

When you forward a domain name, you’re creating a rule that tells your domain name retailer or hosting provider to send those who navigate to your web address to the web location of your choice. You can typically change or update the rule anytime you’d like, so as your online presence changes or grows, the domain name can grow with you.

By doing this, you can work to gain the credibility and marketability that a domain name offers without having to launch your website just yet. You may also gain:

  • A memorable web address to use for marketing. After all, you want to advertise your own business, not the social media ore-commerce platform you’re on.
  • A consistent web address for your business, so that your customers can always find you as your business grows, or if you change which social media or e-commerce platforms your business uses online.
  • The flexibility to change or update the online destination a domain name can send visitors to at any time.

Did You Know?

As your business scales, a domain name can remain a consistent marketing tool, and perhaps more importantly, you can use it to launch your own website.

What Are the Different Ways To Forward a Domain Name?

Now that we’ve gone over the benefits of domain forwarding, let’s break down the different types of forwarding and how each one can affect what your customers see in their web browser.

When working with a domain name retailer, you will likely have two options:

Forwarding Only

When a person types in your business’s custom .net domain name in a web browser,they’re automatically forwarded to a destination web address of your choice. For many businesses, this option meets their general forwarding needs.

Forwarding Options Fowarding Only
Visitor Types in PearlyBrightSmiles.net
Website URL Visitor Sees YourSocialMediaAccount.net/pearlybrightsmiles
Address Bar Displays YourSocialMediaAccount.net/pearlybrightsmiles

Forwarding with Masking

While this option is remarkably similar to the “forwarding only” option, there are few additional benefits. Unlike “forwarding only,” “forwarding with masking” helps ensure that your audience will continue to see the custom .net domain name in the address bar rather than another address from your social media or other platform. In addition, it lets you customize your business’s title and description to make it search engine friendly.

Forwarding Options Forwarding with Masking
Visitor Types in PearlyBrightSmiles.net
Website URL Visitor Sees YourSocialMediaAccount.net/pearlybrightsmiles
Address Bar Displays PearlyBrightSmiles.net

How Do I Forward a Domain Name?

To start, you’ll need to have already registered a .net domain name and determined your destination web address.

Many domain name retailers generally follow a four-step process. Since every retailer’s process may differ, we recommend consulting their help center or searching their site for specific instructions on how to forward a domain name.

1 Login to Your Account With Your Domain Name Retailer

To start, visit your domain name retailer’s website, and login to your user account. This may also be referred to as your “control panel” or “my account” depending on your retailer.

2 Select the Domain Name You Wish To Forward

If you have registered multiple domain names with your domain name retailer, you’ll need to repeat these steps for each domain name you’d like to forward. These steps may vary depending on your domain name retailer.

Two designers meeting and working on a laptop
Female professional, relaxed and smiling, working in a modern office

3 Confirm the Destination of Where the Domain Name Will Be Forwarded

Next you can decide if you want the domain name to be forwarded to a destination like your social media presence, online marketplace or online directory. Depending on your domain name retailer, you may also decide the type of forwarding you would like to choose (forwarding only vs. forwarding with masking).

4 Save Your Changes

Once the forwarding process is complete, your domain name retailer should notify you.

You’re now ready to grow your online presence with the help of a .net domain name. To learn more about domain forwarding, click here to discover ten ways you can use domain forwarding with a .net domain name to market your business.

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